General Information

Full Name Magnus Borresen
Date of Birth 6th March 1994
Languages Danish, English, German (Some)


  • 2023
    Masters Degree in Signal Processing & Computing
    Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark
    • Stochastic Signal Processing.
    • Convex Optimization.
    • Reconfigurable and Low Energy Systems.
    • Radar Signal Processing.
    • DNN Techniques in Sensor Signal Processing.
    • FPGA Based systems design, development and verification.
  • 2021
    Bachelor's Degree in Electronics Engineering
    Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark
    • Signal Processing.
    • Control Theory.
    • Wireless Communication.
    • Machine Learning and Vision.
    • Analog Electronics Design.
    • Structured Systems Developmenet.
  • 2018
    Sales Trainee with Focus on Exports
    Danish Crown, Randers & Orleans, Denmark & France
    • B2B export sales of values up to 125 thousand USD per container.
    • Internal sales.
    • Production/sales planning of weekly deliveries.
    • Daily correspondance with customers and factories over email and phone.
    • Working in SAP environment.


  • 2022 - NOW
    Infineon Technologies AG
    • SystemVerilog Based FPGA development of new post silicon verification control cicuit.
    • Formal Verification strategies such as Bounded Model Checking but also more recent developments within Machine Learning techniques in verification.
    • Assertion Based Verification using the SystemVerilog Assertions & Functional Coverage capabilities.
    • Systems Design.
  • 2018 - 2022
    Student Worker / Junior Engineer
    • Software Signal Processing
      • Working with the VITA-49 standard and constructing/deconstructing frames using Python and C.
      • Test scripts using in-house libraries and pytest.
      • Commandline to GUI interfaces using Python.
      • Initial bring up for circuit designs used in testing and verification phase.
      • Circuit debugging for battery packs balancing circuits.
    • Technical Writing (Data sheets and internal documents).
    • Technical Sales Support (Providing support for the US market in both direct sales to small accounts and technical knowledge for key accounts).

Open Source Projects

  • 2021 - NOW
    • Strain Gauge implemented using the wires of a PCB. The intention was to use it as a bed levelling sensor in 3D printers.
  • 2020 - NOW
    • Battery Spot welder with power estimation using internal RDS on of the driver mosfets. I never got to test it because of the component shortage.
  • 2022 - NOW
    3D Power Meter
    • Power Meter developed for use in 3D printers. Communicates with a Raspberry Pi over SPI from the ADC. The Pi can then show the calculate and show power values based on the current received from the board. Uses a Hall-effect sensor for current measurement.

Other Interests

  • Hobbies: Hiking, Running, Motorcycle Riding, Traveling, Creating.